Well, until more people join the team , it's just me!!

My background:

I started at about 13 years old (now older and much wiser) tinkering with Osborne, Radio Shack and Commodore computers.  My love of computers and need for college tuition led to my becoming a programmer for the U.S. Army. 

Upon completing my 4 year enlistment (and missing the 1st Gulf War by 1 month), I enrolled in college and earned a B.S. in Computer Science.  While in college I got into 3D graphics worked for IBM Federal Systems as an intern on M1A1 tank simulators.  Upon graduating, I went to work with GE Aerospace working on similar simulation systems.  GE was purchased by Martin Marietta and a year later merged with Lockheed to become Lockheed/Martin.  Lockheed Martin formed a commercial endeavor called "Real3D" to develop 3D graphics cards for the PC.  Real3D designed the Intel I740 graphics chip as well as Model2 and Model3 hardware for SEGA.  Intel ultimately acquired Real3D at which time I went to work for ATI Technologies. 

I'm currently still at ATI and work on the OpenGL driver for the Radeon family of products.

Due to the nature of developing 3D graphics hardware, I became familiar with emulation.  Most designs for a 3D graphics chip start with a 3D software emulation.  This exposure to emulation is what sparked my interest in tinkering with the MAME source and what has led me to this little project.